Boman Irani in “Ferrari ki Sawaari”

The post success of “3 Idiots” the Raju Rastogi in real life is not wasting time in self-pitying the glory of the film. He has been working tirelessly to produce, “Ferrari ki Sawaari” with the devotion and help of Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani and Ritvik Sathore. The theme of the story revolves around how life is like a roller-coaster ride.

Boman Irani, as always, has been immaculate in his acting and his skill of actually indulging in the role itself makes him a successful comedian every time he hits the sets, His role in this movie is of a slightly retarded and from time to time, a hysterical Grandfather as he emerges through his strong flattering acting, leaving his viewers and audience astonished in bewilderment and in fits of laughter.

Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani starrer Ferrari Ki Sawari hits the theatres Friday and Aamir Khan hopes that the film does so well at the box office that it beats the success of their movie 3 Idiots. “The film has not been made with the intention of crossing the Rs1 billion mark. If that had been our intention, we would have been making at least one film a year. I take three years to make a film. If money was the intention, then every year we would have been making two films,” said Hirani


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