Military authorities detained 4 Marines; in killing of Jeffrey Laude, transgender Filipino woman

Jennifer Laude

On Saturday, lifeless and naked body of Jeffrey Laude was discovered lying at a bathroom floor, partially covered underneath a blanket; the 26-year-old Filipino was said to be a transgender woman. Military authorities, as mentioned above, have reportedly detained one Marine in connection with the weekend slaying of Laude while three others are also being held. The three Marines held are believed to be ‘potential witnesses’ while the entire bunch of four Marines were kept on board the ‘amphibious assault’ ship USS Peleliu.

The NCIS has uncovered whatever happened at the Celzone Lodge Saturday night in Olongapo City, reports a memo obtained by the Marine Corps Times newspaper. The (by far unidentified) Marine is assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, the paper said, out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

The victim Jeffrey Laude went by the name Jennifer, according to local news reports while witnesses said Laude entered the Celzone Lodge, accompanied with a foreign man, between 25 and 30, late Saturday, local news reports said. Laude meanwhile, had met the Marine earlier that night at the Ambyanz Disco Bar a nearby watering hole, witnesses told The Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“We are currently looking into these allegations and working closely with the Philippine National Police to take all necessary steps to help identify the suspects,” according to a statement by the US Embassy.


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