Keira Knightley would drink in her final hours?

Keira Knightley

Everyone has different perceptions of what they would do if they knew that the world would be coming to an end in a specific number of hours. An upcoming Hollywood release, “Seeking a friend for the End of the World,” who’s lead actress is Keira Knightley was asked what she would do knowing she has 20 hours left in the world since the theme of the movie is based on the theory of 2012 and “Dooms Day.” Keira Knightley’s reply was rather odd and unsympathetic, “If someone said to me we had 20 days left to go, I’d just be in the corner crying and terrified. I’d get as many bottles of alcohol as possible. I wouldn’t want to be sober at the end of the world. So wine — and a lot of it!”

The story of the near release revolves around a couple who get close at the end of the World is near. Upon the fictional script, Keira Knightley commented, “I just loved the script, I’d never read anything like it.” The way in which this movie is different is because,  “You see a film about the end of the world, you think it’s going to be a big action blockbuster.”“Seeking” instead has “people who can’t figure out what to do with themselves and are still having the same problems they’ve always had for their entire lives.” said the 27-year-old Keira Knightley.


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