Fiji the new film set?

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan in a scene in 3G

Sets are always made and chosen for every one of Bollywood’s movies. The exotic island Nation, Fiji, now seems to be of great interest to Bollywood and its filmmakers. The Island has started mounting a number of Bolly filmmakers who want to set their film’s milieu against this beautiful island. A normal person cannot at any cost; miss out or simply can’t resist but find out more about this popular tourist destination.

This little Island has indeed become the most favorite and wanted place for producers, directors and even its cast including its lead roles. While four films are booked to be shot there, the others are now revolving their scripts around the magnificent piece of land as well.

Nowadays, the movie that is being shot there is the famous and handsome actor Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan starrer 3G. The producer of the film is Viki Rajani tells us that the entire movie is to be shot in Fiji but after shooting there for the previous whole month, the producer is so overwhelmed with the country and the facilities available, he has ultimately decided that his next production venture will also be filmed in Fiji. Viki says, “Fiji is one location which is totally unexplored and hardly any Bollywood movies have been shot here. But, having said that, it is a simply breathtakingly beautiful place. It has such amazing weather, and the people are great and friendly. We are having a blast filming here and I plan to shoot my next film here as well. Furthermore, in terms of cinematography once you see the location you won’t look anywhere else.”


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