Bollywood’s downfall?

Like many other people, Adil Hamid Khalef has also predicted the future. Not only the future, but specifically,Bollywood’s future. He is an Iraqi Trader among many others who has a DVD shop and likes to have a collection of the 1950’s Indian movie classics. The 65- year old believes that the good era of Bollywood was during the time he met Amitabh Bachchan and received a Rado watch from the superstar which is why he refers to Amitabh as his “Good Friend.”

The old man talks about how Bollywood has declined and it’s negativity which has arose in the past decade.“Old Indian movies taught you how to behave with others – they taught you manners, they built your character. They taught the viewer how to be good to their parents, to touch the feet of their mothers and fathers. Nowadays, Indian movies are filled with action, drugs, knives, pistols, bullets. They are teaching people to kill, not teaching people to behave well,” he says.

He is right to one extent. Movies today are quite explicit which is why family time has to be put on hold by the elders when they go out of their homes to the theatres and cinemas. Khalaf says regarding this, “We used to sit and listen to Indian film songs through the night but not anymore. Back then, people knew how to behave in cinema halls – You could take your family there, you could take your daughters there. Now, you cannot do that anymore.”


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