Food safety law: Violators could suffer lengthy prison terms

Violators of Shanghai’s food safety laws will still be punished severely such as lengthy prison terms, says the city’s high court.

The announcement comes after eighteen defendants were punished with jail term between six months and six-and-a-half years for getting involved in food and drug safety crimes.

Ding Shouxing, the deputy director of Shanghai’s High People’s Court, said: “Shanghai courts pay a lot of attention to food and drug-related crimes, and will give severe punishments in these cases. They brought great harm to people’s lives.

“These cases reflect a low moral state and lack of legal awareness of defendants, and it also exposes the holes in food and drug safety supervision and management by government departments”.

The defendants were found guilty of charges relating to the manufacture and sale of counterfeit protein powder, salt, white spirit and imported spirits.

Mr Shouxing added: “Those departments should enhance and improve their social management while those online trading platforms should also regularly verify the quality of business operators on the platform”.


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