Food skin packs machine

A company has developed a machine specifically made for food skin packs.

UK-based Proseal has designed the GT1VS machine with a servo-driven infeed conveyor and which also accepts randomly spaced trays in all types of materials at sealing speeds of up to 24 packs per minute depending on the product.

The tray sealer included a vacuum packaging system that offered residual gas levels less than 1% and reaching beyond the gas flushing capabilities of many modified atmosphere (MAP) applications.

It is vital that gas levels remain steady below 1% in order to ensure product quality with items such as meat and poultry.

The skin packs include a special film that seals to the rim, sidewalls and base of a tray, minimising food waste.

According to the organisation, the packs are suitable for fish products in the past but are more commonly used for ready to cook meals, game, meat and sausage products, and mini joints.

Using the film seal for the contents does mean that these products can be vacuumed packed for extended shelf life without being gas flushed.

This would go on to reducing tray heights, saving on packaging materials and the sealing system means the product can extend over the height of the tray.

The firm had also said that skin packs offer enhanced on-shelf presentation, letting products be seen clearly whilst packs can be held upright in order to save shelf space and tight seals reduce some products such as sauces from leaking.

The machine also offers an automatic connect tool docking facility, with lead-less and hose-less connection of gas and electrical supply and can run multiple depth trays on a single tool set.

Skin packs offer a lot of advantages such as lower weight, reduced handling and storage costs.


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