Food security issues: Oxfam criticises G20

Oxfam criticised G20’s lack of progress made regarding food security issues during the latest summit in Mexico.

The global charity says that the G20 has not succeeded in their plan to secure food for the estimated one billion people who suffer from hunger every day.

Carlos Zarco, executive director of Oxfam, said: “Leaders failed to keep the world’s poorest in their sights, despite the fact that more than half these people live in G20 countries.

“Biofuels – a key driver of food price volatility and food insecurity globally – were ignored despite calls from multiple international agencies to scrap production targets and subsidies. There was no mention of small scale farmers as central to food productivity and security and no plan to support them even though there are 200m small family farms in G20 countries”.

Oxfam said that this is despite a food crisis which concerns more than 18m people in the Sahel [Tunisia].


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