Drinking daily a glass of wine increases risk of breast cancer

Drinking daily a glass of wine increases risk of breast cancer

According to a new study, drinking daily a glass of wine significantly increase women’s risk of developing breast cancer.

We already knew that people who consume alcohol to excess had higher risk of developing certain cancers, including colorectal, liver, larynx or esophagus. A recent US study, published in the British Medical Journal puts this time to light the correlation between moderate wine consumption and development of breast cancer in women.

According to the three researchers, member of the school of Public Health at Harvard and Harvard Medical School, women drinking a daily glass of wine significantly increase the risk of developing breast cancer, and they are smoking or not.

In reaching this conclusion, the scientists analyzed the results of the Nurses’ Health Study and followed the health of 47,881 women and 88,084 men aged under 30. They then assessed the total risk of the development of alcohol related cancers, including the colorectum, breast, liver, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and esophagus.

They are not the only ones to be linked moderate alcohol consumption and breast cancer. The Million Women Study of Oxford University also addressed on the subject and found that for every additional alcoholic drink consumed per day, there were 11 additional breast cancers per 1000 women aged under 75 years.

Researchers say it is urgent to face this important public health problem. Professor Sir Ian Gilmore Le, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK thus appeals to the responsibility of public authorities and demand that the liquor bottle labels feature the same type of warning that those on the cigarette packs.

“We know that the public is still not aware of the links between alcohol and cancer, in particular the increased risk of developing breast cancer. We all have the right to know what we put in our bodies and consumers deprived of this right. It’s time that changed. We need mandatory health warnings on alcohol bottles labels so that people understand the risks and can make an informed choice,” he told Guardian.


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