Syrian Boy Ahmad Sadek Faces Violence: Loses Walking Capacity Not Symbolically But In The Literal Sense Of The Word

Ahmad Sadek

Ahmad Sadek, 13, is lying on a bed in Tripoli, North of Lebanon. The hospital sources say that Sadek got wounded when the state forces were shelling in Qusair, Syria. The hospital officials said on June 4 that he was wounded four days before.

Ahmad Sadek and four wounded Syrians reached Lebanon to receive treatment as was told by the medical related people of the hospital.

Ahmad Sadek is unable to remember as how he found his way to the Lebanese hospital.

“There was a helicopter flying over us and then the shelling began. A mortar shell hit our house and I fell to the floor. I lost a part of my leg,” said Ahmad Sadek.

“I don’t know what hit my leg, the shrapnel or the shell itself. My father took me to the hospital in Al-Qusair and then I woke up in this hospital. I don’t know how I got here.”

this is the 11th year of Assad’s rule in Syria after the demise of his father.

The UN sources say that Assad’s soldiers have killed 10,000 or more people since the violence began in March, 2011. Meanwhile, the government machinery is continuously blaming armed “terrorists” to be attacking his forces with 2,600 soldiers or members of government-owned security forces being killed.

Thousands of Syrians have taken refuge in different parts of Lebanon.


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