Sunny weather is welcomed but; it alerts grass pollen all over France

The sunny weather on the whole territory is ideal for the production and dispersal of grass pollen. This results in maximum allergic risk next week.

The National Network Aerobiological surveillance (RNSA) has launched a high alert against grass pollen present in almost all France.

Only regions of the Pyrenees and the extreme southeast are partially spared.

Elsewhere, pollen concentrations are strong or very strong.

carte-pollens-2014 (2)

All other pollens will be placed in the background: plantain, Urticaceae, sorrel, oak, olive, will be present but with a risk of allergic reaction rarely exceeding low.

Limes will always monitor these flowering trees disseminate pollen near homes. They are a source of discomfort for allergy sufferers.

The usual precautions are taken for asthma: taking treatment in particular, avoidance of exposure.


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