Chill in relations: India mulls tough steps against Nepal

CHENNAI: When there is a conflict between two neighbouring countries, the biggest danger is not knowing how it will escalate, according to M.K. Narayanan, former National Security Advisor.

Speaking at the joint meeting of 10 Rotary Clubs on the relationship between India and Pakistan, Mr. Narayanan said: “Both countries are nuclear powers, so both have a lot to lose if the relationship escalates into a conflict.”

Through the years, Kashmir has become a symbol of the Indo-Pak relationship. But, in reality there are a number of issues between the two countries. He said Pakistan is gaining in confidence when it comes to dealing with India.

“Pakistan’s economy is picking up. They have managed to keep India out of Afghanistan and they have a good relationship with the current government,” he said, adding that Pakistan also has a good relationship with China.

On the other hand, India feels that Pakistan will respond better if India makes more concessions, he added.

The lecture was organised by the Rotary Club of Madras Central, along with nine other clubs. “We regularly organise these joint meetings and deal with current topics,” P.B. Ravikumar, president of the club, said.


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