High prices keep animal trade slow, fail to attract the intending buyers

Zhob, High prices keep animal trade slow, fail to attract the intending buyers

ZHOB: Animal trade in Balochistan’s eastern district Zhob is quite slow and fails to attract the intending buyers due to skyrocketing prices here on Wednesday. A large number of animals are up for sale in the cattle markets on Quetta Road, Sheikhan Road and in other parts of the city. The animals mostly come from Musakhail, Sherani and other areas to Zhob.

The unscrupulous traders have jacked up the prices of sacrificial animals. Buyers seem frustrated roaming in the cattle markets due to irrational demands of traders. Sacrifice turned into a dream for many salaried and those living hand-to-mouth this year to perform religious obligation. Amid sky-high prices, the trend of the collective sacrifices is gaining momentum as majority of people is not able to sacrifice animals individually to commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim’s decision for Allah’s pleasure.

According to local traders the prices of animals have been increased as a result of triggering increase in transportation and feeding charges. However, the customers believe that the traders were taking advantage of the season and looting people with both hands.

Haji Akber Khan Mandokhail, a buyer at biggest cattle market on Quetta Road, said that the prices of the animals were beyond the reach of common man, especially for the lower class.

“I am astonished that the prices of animals are higher compare to last year. The people are left in the lurch every year and the district administration is failed to control the prices. Animal smuggling into Afghanistan is also a reason for the price rise,” he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Nazar Muhammad Khetran has warned the traders that zero tolerance would be shown towards those found fleecing the customers. “Transportation of livestock is banned to keep the prices of sacrificial animals under control,” he said.


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