Sharif Government Is In Deep Trouble

PIA employees, LEAs clash in Karachi

On February 2, 2016, the terrible incident took place at Karachi Airport, in which two protesting workers were shot dead. I strongly condemn the sitting government for creating this horror show. After the negotiations between the government and the Joint Action Committee of PIA, Unions has failed; the employees union called for the strike. The victim’s death has become a mystery. It seems to be the repeat of Model Town incident. If the government had sensibly dealt with the issue of Privatization of the National Airline, this tragedy would have been avoided. I do not think it has learned any lessons from the past.

Apparently some Ranger’s official shot them. Only an investigation by the independent Justice will determine who fired shots into the crowd. The CM Sindh has ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident. I appreciate Shah JI’s quick response. Although both the Rangers and the Police have denied firing any shots but fingers have been pointed at them. Judicial Inquiry should be ordered.

It must be noted that the employees were protesting peacefully.

According to the Autopsy report, the victims were shot from the front from a distance of 20 feet. This confirms our suspicion that Ranger or Police official is involved in this incident. The blood of these victims is on the hands of Sharif the Prime Minister. He cannot wash the blood with the waters of the seven seas.

The FIR should include his name. The government is responsible for all state killings. No one should be condoned off the deliberate killings.

It should be noted that the federal interior minister Mr. Nisar li Khan asked the D.G Rangers of Punjab and Sindh in a letter on January 20, 2016. He should also be held responsible for deploying the Rangers.

The government has been lying about the privatization matter of PIA. First it introduced a bill to make it a private company to transact the business in a shady manner, then due to PIA workers and political parties pressure, it changed its mind and deferred the sale for six months. All these plays were aimed at misleading the public & appeasing the employees’ organizations.

Shujjat Azeem a corrupt military general was appointed by Nawaz Sharif to head PIA. On the action o the Supreme Court he was disqualified and ordered him to suspend work. Just after the incident, the PML-N Spokesperson issued stern warning to the protesters to take action against them

Parvaiz Rashid the information minister a thug equated the workers with thieves. What sort of language is this to use against professional? Equally insensitive & incapable P.M threatened the Strikers with severe action. They will have to face serious consequences which include going to Jail if they disrupted the PIA flights.

Prime Minister thinks that he has the power to take action. All that he has done is to fire the fuel by his amorphous statements. Ironsmith’s government is collapsing like the faulty towers. He has been trying to create a crisis by his own wrongdoings. His arrogant response seems strange in the given circumstances. The murder of these employees is on his head. He and his ministers are making the situation worse than ever.

In order to take loans and borrow money to pay back loans, it is working on the dictates of IMF. It has no clear vision & has failed to satisfy the entire nation, as to why privatization is necessary. It is trying to bulldoze all resistance to its privatization policy.

Present government’s days are numbered and it is on the cards for it to go sooner than later. I have no hesitation in predicting this fate. PTI Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the incident and given protest call for Feb.6. Jamaat Islami Amir Sirajul Haq has severely criticized the government on its mishandling the situation. I think this will not be limited to one or two parties but others will also join in the countrywide protest. The protests will spread over longer period of time. Now the message is clear that this insensitive, incompetent, indecent, vulgar and corrupt government must go.


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