Salman Taseer’s Assassin hanged

Mumtaz Qadri

Slain Governor of Punjab Taseer’s Assassin Mumtaz Qadri a fanatic was executed in Adiala Jail. A befitting end to life of a bigoted zealot. Public is elated with his execution. A dark chapter in the political history of the Punjab the land of Saints and Sufis has been closed. There are some diehard fans of this lunatics are protesting against his hanging.

There are always some dissenters who can cross all the limits to make some criminal a hero. His dead body was handed over to his relations for his last rites. He has met his ultimate fate. Justice has been done. Let us move forward. The world is full of such lunatics, depraved and cruel men. No one will sweep over their departure. He will disturbed in the grave after the burial and then face the real torture.

I wish all those are mourning and wailing could observe his condition in the grave. Retributive Justice has been done to entire class of religious fanatics. These supporters of murderers, fanatics, and butchers have no clue about Islamic Shariah and Justice. May Allah guide us on the righteous path.


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