Child labour: An unknown curse

Child labour in Pakistan

Being the daughter and sister, I always seek protection, and I always have in my mind “Agar kuch b huwa tu PAPA hae”. Whenever i come across a problem in my life i always discuss it with my mom and she assures me of her help, support and Then YES DAD! The great he never let the feelings of helplessness to comes to me.

News about parents selling their children for money is really disturbing for all at least for one who has affinity with humanity. I feel really blue and think of those multiple reasons and indeed the consequences of these acts. It is very abominable situation when we see while sitting on our couches, girls are being sold for money and what they get in their afterlife that is “cruelty, abolishing of their basic human rights”. Aren’t they the daughters of this nation? Aren’t they among us? Dun they have right to get education and respect?

The notion of cruelty in the prevailing system of society is not only wrong but destroying the society just as termite abrades the wood from inside. The concept of cruelty entails many things ranging from beating someone to infringing someone’s nominal right. The rights determined not only by society but BY The Exalted, Allah Almighty. Allah has blessed us with every colour of Life. If someone is enjoying prestige of life at same time other is struggling for LIFE. Not because he is partial but because he tries Iman of His best creature by giving and taking too. He doesn’t abstain us from keeping helpers but he surely   doesn’t permit US to infringe any other human’s right who has adversity in life and struggling for life. We all have been given equal rights by AL MIGHTY. Even

Recently, the girl named Feroza was recovered from his employer house in a bad condition. She is not the only girl who has suffered and gone through enough of hardships in such early age of her life. She has the catastrophic past which none of us living in our house peacefully could ever imagine. I witnessed myself a Boy hardly 9 or 10 years old working as maid in  very well educated family. And the surprising thing is where in developed nations at this age attend school he is supposed to do household chores including laundry, housekeeping stuff daily. The thing which affixes this worst situation is shouting at the “innocent kid” and affront. On 8th Jan 2015 a child maid was brutally killed by her employers.  For whom they are serving? Do they have anyone to complain to? Why our government is not taking steps to abolish this trend in OUR society? It is the time to shape up our attitudes. In lieu of decreased percentage of child labour in The West, we are still rolling the list. Genghis Khan banned selling of women… and we are still counting cases .

“Education can’t earn u money, it inevitably gives you sight”… If they can’t afford education take their responsibility instead of snatching their basic human rights…. teach them primary classes at home …

Educated mind will help you in developing your country. Sasti roti and metro could be mean but not the problem solver is not the solution to problems we are facing nowadays. The curse which we have face in form of CHILD labour will take US to the nowhere but aggravation of these problems. How long they will remain neutral. One day they all will turn over us.

“When the balance of nature gets disturbed, He certainly comes in action”…

The writer is a student of Defense and Diplomatic Studies at Fatima Jinnah Women University.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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