Read the 6 most funny confessions of all time !

You will be stunned to read the anonymous confessions people make online. I found some of these confessions to be extremely funny! God knows how people can do these things; you will wonder the same thing after you finish reading this article.

  1. I lost my glasses in the middle of the winter formals; I had to go to the middle of the party and shout for my friends. Everyone stared at me, it was weird!
  1. I rush to the office half hour before my boss, I piss in his coffee cup just a little. He never seems to notice and drinks in that cup! It is extremely funny, but I still don’t know why I do it … hahahaha !
  1. I don’t allow my kids to eat cookies after 7, but when they are gone I quickly eat 3-4 cookies. This is almost every day.
  1. I went to the gym for the first time, the trainer told me to do 10 push ups. I started out, but I could just do 2 , after that I was like ughhhh.. When I turned around I noticed there was this girl lauging on me. It was embarrassing.
  1. If I am about to go out with a guy, I introduce him to my dog. I only go out with him if my dog likes him. I totally trust my dog on this….
  1. I somehow pooped in my underwear once at work. I hid the underwear in a box which got shipped to a customer.

The 6th one is hilarious, lol. Hope you liked the list!


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