Panama Papers Or Leaks Wreaking Havoc

Panama Papers

All hell has been let loose after the Panama Leaks. Yesterday the international & national media were abuzz with the news of hidden wealth of head of States of various countries. Sharif family is included in this list of notorious political leaders. The family seems to be aware of the impending doom. Hussain Nawaz admitted to having properties in London but denied any wrongdoing.. He said it was all legal transactions. We have earned money from our businesses.

It must be noted that Mian Sharif started with humble beginning after the partition of the sub-continent. He acquired the foundry through Settlement department. What were his other assets is not known to the public? The family made its fortune through the benevolence of Zia ul Haq – the military dictator. He adopted Nawaz Sharif as his political heir. The rest is history.

Sharif’s have always denied such charges of corruption and commission making. These Panama papers have shocked the world by their startling revelations. The damaging information cannot be denied. The damage control spin doctors like Daniyal Aziz, Parvaiz Rashid and Rana Sana Ullah have failed to give a positive Spin to the revelations.

ARY TV Channel transmitted Special Program on these leaks. It was quite interesting and informative. Belligerent Dany violently reacted to the questions of the anchor and the panelists. He behaved in an abusive manner. He was dropped by anchor Arshad Sharif when he refused to behave properly. This shows what stuff the PM (N) is made of? Shameless un quoth, ill-mannered and indecent persons.

Lahore High Court has admitted the petition to probe allegations and declare P.M Sharif disqualified for life. More petitions will be filed soon. It was revealed that Hassan, Hussain and Maryam Nawaz Sharif hold properties through offshore companies either created or bought by them to hide the ill-gotten wealth. The assets were bought in 1993. Offshore Companies are usually established by attorneys to facilitate their clients to hide wealth and evade taxes. Which has been exactly done by Sharif family in this case…

Federal Information Minister Parvaiz Rashid tried his best to defend the indefensible position of Sharif family all evening long to no avail. Money trail points to illegal transactions made by the family. Money Laundering is the appropriate charge for this criminal enterprise.

A few questions should be asked to the First family to explain the mess. These allegations are not going to go away or disappear in the thin air. Enough of concrete evidence is present and available on the record. Yesterday evening three king’s men went out to control the damage but got tough questions from the anchors. They changed their focus from defence of the king to attacking 7 annoying the hosts and other guests. They failed to reinstate the honor of the first family and made it show of shouting match.

Sabir Shakir ARY TV channel’s reporter took Daniyal Aziz to task. Interjecting him, he said, ‘if he is not appointing you as minister, it is not my fault. Court jester like Rashid and Sana Ullah should be ashamed of themselves. They can ridicule the source of these papers and reject the information and facts about Sharif family’s wrong doings. Maryam Nawaz is still lying about her beneficial ownership in the offshore companies. The information is very well documented.

I would appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of these Panama Papers allegations and restore the nation’s honor. We are looking forward to investigations and probes into these leaks.


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