Political and Moral Ramifications of Panama Leaks

Nawaz Sharif

It is not only national tragedy that we have incompetent, dishonest, corrupt and immoral leaders but the real tragedy is that persons like Parvaiz Rashid, Daniyal Aziz, and Kh. Asif have to defend Sharifs, Qamar uz Zaman Kaira, and Afzal Chan to defend Zardari, and Shafqat Mahmood to plead for Imran Khan. What better example of selling one’s soul to the devil can be that one son of the General )R) Muhammad Umar is defending the government by logical and illogical arguments, and the other intellectual Son is making blunders of Khan look like some trophies.

The bigger tragedy than all this is that journalists and anchorpersons whose lives were dedicated to raising voices before the cruel and callous Rulers are now pleading and advocating for the Corrupt leaders belonging to one or the other political party.

As a result of the Panama leaks the offshore companies; the subject has come under discussion on the T.V Channels. Whoever is for investigations is trying to defend the leaks. And whoever is opposed to it ts trying to prove the criminal without investigating.

The government spokesperson and media supporters have become Plato and Socrates of this age, and neglecting its political and moral aspects of this issue. It is basically political and moral issue at the International level. In the political arena, the events are happening swiftly and with it the politics. Maneuverings moves and legal arguments are on the peak.

The hype created by the media can be justified due to the enormity and public interest. Media had one commendable Job, which is wrecking the nerves of the government side. Pakistan comes first. Wherever there is fire, there is smoke too. None of the parties is talking about the real issues that are moral and political ramifications surrounding this issue.

Perhaps none of the government representatives can justify Sharif family’s keeping its wealth and living abroad. While the PM’s sons are doing business in the UK and Nawaz Sharif has gathered a team of the right to and leftist’s intellectuals to advise him. They should advise him about the religious and mundane affair under the tenets of Islam.

The Rulers in Islam are held to higher and stricter moral and financial standards than the common citizens. Our Caliphs have set great examples of exalted living. They gave away their wealth and properties to Bait-Ul-mal and started living a simple life fit for ordinary Citizens. The ruler of even Super and western powers and liberal societies hold their rulers to higher standards. There is zero tolerance against corruption, incompetence, and dishonesty. We should respect decent and honest leaders and punish the criminal and law breakers.


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