Chkra: A startup to redefine democracy

We live in a digital age where we get influenced by the information and how the news is projected. When JNU row happened in India, All media channels jumped on it as breaking news. Unverified and misleading information was thrown at people that shaped their opinion. Isn’t freedom about choosing?

What is right or wrong and not thoughts and perceptions being imposed. A democracy will be truly democratic when people take stand and the state shapes the policies based on what people want.

A Gurgaon based startup called “CHKRA” is working on these lines Ckhra claims to be a “new media” startup aiming to collect the honest and unbiased opinion of average citizens on socio-political issues. Their mission is to consolidate the opinions that are distributed across multiple platforms. Thus quantifying in pure numbers what people want.

This platform is available on web from with both android and ios mobile beta applications available on play store and App store. Both web and app offer simple and clean interface that allows:

  • Any user to create an opinion on number of issues.
  • Users to take sides and express their stand in form of a simple Agree and Disagree format.
  • The interface also allows debating on the opinions.

With a vision to become de-facto platform for political and social activism, Abhinav Chauhan – the founder at Chkra, explained: With recent perception, that the mainstream media is biased. We want to highlight the honest opinion of the people and what people truly want and think. We aim to quantify that data, convert into petitions and campaigns in partnerships with different advocacy groups. We are also working on an API that makes the opinion embeddable on a webpage. This will make the consolidation of people opinion across multiple platforms possible.

Abhinav believes that Chkra is a very disruptive concept and can transform the way current news media industry works. The start-up is currently seed-funded and focused on Indian market. The apps can be downloaded from:




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