Why he was not Roshan, but Deepak Shodhan, explains his 91-year-old brother

Deepak Shodhan

MUMBAI: English poet William Shakespeare had said- What’s there in a name? But it meant a lot to India’s oldest Test cricketer Deepak Shodhan, who died at the age of 87 years in Ahmedabad on Monday.

“Deepak is not his original name,” says his brother, Jyotindra, 91, who also played 35 First Class matches for Gujarat.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone from his residence on Monday afternoon, the elder brother says, “my brother also didn’t like this name which is also the female name.

“In the childhood, we used to call him “Babo.” The name Roshan was given to him by the friend (late Jitendra Mehta) of my father (Harshadlal). Roshanara Begum was an imperial princess. The name is very common in Parsi community”.

“Then someone suggested the alternative name Deepak having the same meaning (light), and that’s how it struck to him. In all cricketing circles he has been known as Deepak Shodhan only”, the brother added.

“His original name is Roshan, and that was the official name. Deepak Shodhan was getting BCCI pension on this name, which we got changed along with other legal documents”, the brother added.

“He was very close to me. I was more than his brother but friend”.

“At 91, I am fit and healthy.”


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