Other players could be concerned about their image, says Sir Ian Botham’s sexologist

Dr. Sherif El Wakil

MUMBAI: Sir Ian Botham has successfully overcome his impotency issues, according to an Egyptian doctor Dr. Sherif El Wakil, who recently treated him.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from London, Dr. Sherif El Wakil said, “the clinical studies are very good, and I have seen great results so far in my clinic.”

The 60-year-old former English cricketer Botham admitted he had four sessions of shockwave therapy to prevent erectile dysfunction in the future.

Interestingly, Botham is NOT the first international cricketer being treated for impotency, but few cricketers from Asian region too are treated by him.

“In my Sexual Aesthetic Centre, I am used to welcome so many high profile international patients whether from the Cricket Society, the sports industry or show business from Asia and from all over the world and I am sure you would respect my decision not to disclose any identity or insinuations that might occur out of patients confidentiality and respect.”

“It was a great pleasure meeting Sir Ian Botham in person after watching him play cricket for so many years. He is even a more wonderful person when you meet him as well, I am an incredibly big fan of cricket, and I feel such an immense buzz watching it! Not only the games are usually so intense and enjoyable but the fact that you see one peaceful game bringing together all these millions of heart around it, what a wonderful tool to promote love and peace. Having said that, you can imagine my happiness when I saw a legend like Sir Ian Botham in my clinic.”

Dr. Sherif El Wakil

“Other players actually should not shy away from these types of problems because if it is left it gets worse. The unfulfilling sexual relationship could lead to unhappy life in general, frustration, broken families, weak performance at work or in life and negative impact on relationships. The benefit of somebody like Sir Ian Botham with his charisma, history, background and fame, when he came forward to raise the awareness about this treatment, he gave a very good example to other people”.

“Other players could be concerned about their image and the taboo associated with this treatment, but that is exactly what we are trying to break. There is no shame to come forward and talk about it. Hats off to Sir Ian Botham for breaking the taboo in the society”.

About Vigore

Vigore is an innovative but clinically proven treatment for improvement of erectile function in men who notice erectile weakness caused by reduced blood- ow to the penis. Treating erectile weakness with shockwaves is a new application of a well-established technology (Lithotripsy); the objective is to treat the underlying cause of erectile weakness and not just the symptoms.

The treatment goal is the restoration of sexual function by achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection.

How does it work?

Low-Intensity Shockwaves (LISW) used during the treatment promote angiogenesis – a natural process of new blood vessel formation. This process restores the supply of blood to the penis on the micro-vascular level thus improving erectile function in men noticing erectile weakness.

These shockwaves are applied to the entire length of the penis and Crus. Because acoustic (shock) waves are not harmful to the human body, the use of LISW is completely safe, and to date, there are no reported side effects after 000’s of patients treated worldwide.

The Vigore method is dedicated for men with the erectile weakness of organic origin and will not be effective in men whose problems are caused by psychological factors.

Vigore Equipment

We use Renova technology – the most advanced second generation shockwave therapy device designed specifically for this treatment. Vigore is a linear application and surpasses previous point technology.


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  • August 17, 2016


    A frank discussion of Sexual problem of a famous cricketer. i think there should be no shyness to consult a Sexologist for this purpose. With the age & other factors the men suffer from function of Sex Organ. There is nothing to be ashamed off.

    Older men do have erectile problem frequently observed in clinical studies. Instead of ignoring it. We should be able to treat it & talk frankly with our doctor.

    There is nothing to be ashamed off, it does happen to majority of men. With the latest technology such conditions can be easily treated. Ian Botham is a wonderful person. He did the right thing to get the treatment. Age has nothing to do such conditions.