3 Office Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Office Interior Design Trends

Nowadays, businesses are more conscious than ever when it comes to designing offices. Not only they want excellent design, but they also want their workspace to reflect brand and culture. This demand for greater personalization made designers job more challenging. Considering that the thought and work now go into designing a workplace is as extensive as designing a home. An inexpert builder or contractor cannot accomplish this task because it requires years of experience, industry specific knowledge, and acquaintance with trending color schemes, stylish finishes and furnishings. To produce an aesthetic design, you need a professional interior design company in Lahore that can delve into the culture, operations, goals and values of your organization and translate these into the workspace model. With help from the design team at AmerAdnan Associates (www.ameradnan.com), we set out to decipher the interior office design trends that are likely to dominate Pakistan’s workspaces in 2017.

1. Raw Finish

Raw Finish Office Finishes are finally moving away from shiny metals and flawless planes of previous years and heading to a more primal and raw direction. The designers at AAA are expecting to see a drastic increase in the use of dark tactile stones and deep silver metals in the days to come. It means rich tone layered with raw materials will remain in demand during 2017. Designers, therefore, are looking forward to a moodier, more creative approach to interiors that delivers a relaxed and comfortable feeling as opposed to overly styled, stark spaces.

2. Soothing Palette

Soothing Palette Office When it comes to color forecast for this year, calming shades of purple, taupe and green are topping the list of our designers. Reflecting the productive well-being design, these calm, desaturated and soft tones are backed up by themes of simplistic living, sustainability, self-improvement, and spirituality. Warm stone gray, terracotta, yellow green, and apricot are four of the curated colors of the year. Beside these subtle hues, several international designers have declared dusk-inspired purple shade as the Color of the Year.

3. Sculpting Lights

Sculpting Lights Office Advancement in technology has allowed interior decorators and construction companies in Pakistan to transform lighting into a more decorative architectural system. Not only the unique lightings can brighten a workplace with waves of sculptural forms but becomes the center of attraction than in contrast to individual fixtures. This new form of fixtures comes in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from individual lighting to sculpture chandeliers.With the help of a professional interior designer, you can pick one that serves you best.


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