The Iron lady of the East – Mehriban Aliyeva

Mehriban Aliyeva

Imagine a Muslim woman – most probably, you see a woman in veil stepped back from man.

However, can you imagine such a woman from Islamic world who engaged into restoration of ancient handwritings in Apostolic Library, the most tremendous written legacy of Catholics in the spiritual centre of Christianity, in Vatican, a number of monuments in several museums, 20 churches in France? Whether her name is highlighted in the history as participant of restoration of ancient Marceline and Petro catacombs, considered as golden pearls of world legacy and situated in Rome, historical monuments in Versailles Park, Strasbourg Cathedral, Berlin church? Yes, we are talking about the first Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva.

First, we have to mention that Mrs. Aliyeva was appointed to this position very recently – one hundred days ago. According to the concept of “one hundred days”  formed in western management traditions, this period of time is considered as an indication model for initial evaluation of political figure’s activity, acquittal of forecast on future actions and faithfulness to given promises.

At the first place, it worth to note that according to the article 105 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the position of the first Vice-President has the second significance from legal and political point in the country. Whilst declaration of appointment in Security Board, it was noted that since nowadays holding the position of deputy chairman of authorised party, the member of Parliament, the President of Haydar Aliyev foundation, goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO Mehriban Aliyeva played a significant role of in social-political and cultural life of the country.

Mehriban Aliyeva indicated first directions and principles of her activity as the first Vice-President on the relevant meeting of Security Board and later on March 7th at the Parliament during farewell speech with reporting character: philanthropy, mercifulness, conscience, dignity, justice and, the most important, gaining of higher victories by exalting national values.

As we know, principles mean the measures, which are considered as guidelines in regulation of social life, so the goals targeted by Mrs. Aliyeva are quite complicated and sensitive sphere of social mind.

So, whilst one hundred days Vice-President’s first goal was the security of national values. Honestly, it may be assessed as a radical and conservative approach; however, it is impossible to deny miserable outcomes of a destruction of national traditional and family values in the majority of countries of the contemporary globalising world due to increasing of information turnover and acceleration of migration processes. If we consider the case from this standpoint, it will be very straightforward to understand that formulation of opportunity on approach to single management of security of traditional and moral values, convicted to disappear due to economic and political conditions, in Azerbaijan aimed to delegation of these values to future generation, will have an exclusive significance.

It is known that the law is based on moral and logical principles, no any legislative norm unjustified from national moral self-esteem, universal humanistic values can prove itself. From the other side, person’s right stems from his physical and moral being. It is infeasible to provide long lasting and fruitful operation of any contemporary management and regulation system and talk about any freedom without humanity, dignity, respect and justice. The way chosen by Mehriban Aliyeva principally opened the new level in protection of human and citizen’s rights and freedoms.

As Mrs. Aliyeva mentioned in her interview to Russian television channel “Rossiya 24”, she will rely on her previous practice in conversation with people, seeking for ways of problem solution. Worthy to note, that till now acting as a Parliament member, on behalf of district she represented, Mrs. Aliyeva successfully participated in establishment and launching of operation of 105 educational, 17 healthcare, 38 sports and cultural, 7 religious centres, provision of settlements with water, pavement of roads with the length about 100 km, release of approximately 40 thousand prisoners on the basis of amnesty acts, making of relevant amendment to the Family Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding medical check up of couples planning to get married, conduction of a number of events dedicated to recognition of Azerbaijan as a tolerant country in more that 60 countries of the world, successful activity on declaration of occupation of Nagorny Karabakh and seven surrounding districts, living of more that one million people in condition of refugees and forced migrants and, as a result of these activities she gained serious impact and rating. At the same time, in addition to the mentioned in the beginning of the article actions, restoration of girl school destroyed in result of earthquake happened in Muzaffarabad region of Pakistan in 2005, structure of a number of schools, mosques and churches, rehabilitation, medical centres and relaxation parks, restoration of Trapezes Architectural Museum Reservation in Bulgaria, creation of Islamic art department in Louvre museum had granted Mrs. Aliyeva with solemn international influence. Due to above-mentioned reasons, commencing from the beginning, Mehriban Aliyeva’s activity as the first Vice-President was not considered as a dilemmatic issue either in the international arena, or among citizens.

It is interesting that Mehriban Aliyeva managed to show her devotion to these activity principles in one hundred days.On May 30th event dedicated to foundation of settlement for forced migrants was held in Baku and the most sensitive part of procedure was that the majority of these apartments were provided by private legal entities, which’s force and energy was unified by Mehriban Aliyeva. It is not coincidence that while declaring her goals the first Vice-President mentioned, that “we have a great potential for development, the most important thing is that we have human resources and I believe in you and our joint creative energy”. In result of high organisational ability and tireless activity Mehriban Aliyeva managed to realise her belief in 100 days and it is an example of significant historical solidarity in Azerbaijani practice. Moreover, within these hundred days Mehriban Aliyeva proved that newly established institute of the first Vice-President will provide flexibility and efficiency of state management institute.

Mehriban Aliyeva’s another goal was related to political pluralism and the role of media and criticism in civil society. It is interesting that considering the issue from personal example, the First Vice-President took a brave step and looking to the issue from absolutely different standpoint declared, that she is very tolerant to criticism and accepts that it is impossible for everybody to be satisfied by all aspects of political life. “I am ready to improve my job and activity. My obligation is to minimize the level of objective criticism of even the most critical layers of society upon a determined period of time”. Mehriban Aliyeva’s such kind ideas became the agenda of even USA mass media and “The Huffington Post” published a wide article declaring Azerbaijan as an example for Islamic world. Mehriban Aliyeva proved the devotion to her declaration –as the Chairman of Organisational Committee of Baku-2017 Islamic Solidarity Games, she created the same high level of conditions for activity of all journalist regardless the position of represented media group and their political opinion. There was no any critical post even in the radical opposition media.

Within one hundred days the first Vice-President had a meeting with a group of soldiers and officers from Azerbaijani Army, wounded whilst April 2016 battles, managed repairs of 5 scientific and educational objects being in a very poor condition. On March 4th she personally dealt with conduction of a wedding for two young people grown up in orphanage and deprived of guardianship. The fact that the person holding the second highest position in the country, finds time in a very thick and enhanced schedule and dedicates so much time to humanitarian events, enforcement of guardianship over the people indigent for special attention and care, is a metric of devotion to goals.


Within one hundred days the first Vice-President conducted approximately 15 international meetings, organization of the VI World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue under her direct management in Baku, “Baku-2017” Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, World Cup championships on rhythmic and sports gymnastics in Baku conducted by the International Gymnastics Federation, Azerbaijan-Hungary days on a very high level.

Naturally, titanic activity of Mehriban Aliyeva within this short period attracted attention of world media, more than 120 articles concerning her were published in diverse countries. Particularly, impeccable management of IV Islamic Solidarity Games’ Organisation Committee made her a hero of Islamic world, Mrs. Aliyeva were characterised as the most powerful woman of Islamic world.

Currently, Mehriban Aliyeva is the highest executive woman officer of Turkish and, commonly, Islamic world. It also means the new historical level in provision of balance in gender equality and security of woman rights in the frames of the law on International Human Rights. Taking into account all above mentioned and summarizing one hundred days of activity, we may conclude that Mehriban  Aliyeva’s  appointment as the first Vice-President is very essential event not only for Azerbaijan, but also for the whole region, Islamic world and contemporary Europe. As was mentioned by Arabian journalists, Mehriban Aliyeva’s activity will turn into the aspects mostly strengthening belief in potential and presence of humanism, mercifulness, intercultural dialogue.

The writer is a lawyer, an associate professor, from Azerbaijan.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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