Lokesh Rahul “scores’ nine more for his way to the media center

Lokesh Rahul

COLOMBO: Team India opener Lokesh Rahul (and Sri Lanka’s coach Nick Pothas) had to literally climb more steps than the runs he scored at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) ground to address the media conference at the end of the first day’s play here.

The media center is situated just opposite side of the dressing rooms and it is on the third floor of the building having no lifts, with a result both had to literally climb sixty-six steps for the media briefings.

Several middle and old-aged journalists arrived from India to cover the Test match are indeed finding it difficult to climb the long staircases with their laptops, cameras and other devices. They prefer to not get down during the lunch breaks and tea intervals also.

“Initially we used to have press-conferences near the dressing rooms but that area is now used as offices of the SLC board officials and there is hardly any other space where this press conference can be held”, one of the key SLC officials explained.

Rohit Sharma left for Mumbai for his medical check up after the recent injury. Incidentally, on his way to Mumbai, he was accompanied by ICC’s Anti-Corrpution and Security Unit’s Indian official Dharamveer Yadav and a local police to drop him at the airport.

“I am not aware about his return trip, but if he is arriving in India only for a day, there can’t be a major issue”, one of the board members, said from India.

Domestic players

In the meantime, the Indian cricket board is likely to hike the match-fees for the domestic players.

The proposal has already been made by the BCCI’s acting president C.K.Khanna.


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