Aag is ready to set the stage on fire with new ventures

Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh

LAHORE: The Band Aag is back with a bang, returning to the music industry with quite a few interesting projects lined up. Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh – the extremely talented duo, are all set to release two new music videos and will be putting out cover songs online regularly.

Apart from their own music, the band has been producing music for several artists as well at their studio, Ebullition Art Recordings. After being involved in the production of Nescafe Basement, AAG are now getting their hands on some upcoming film scores which will be announced soon. The talented duo is also working on launching their own event company.

Previously, Haroon Sheikh has released both covers as well as originals with his band Aag. Formed in 2005, AAG’s claim to fame were hits like their original songs such as “Aag”, “Kafla”, “Phir Se” and the melancholic “Veeraan”, the video of which is to be released this month. Having influences of Eastern and Western Classical music, Prog. Rock/Metal, and recently electronic genres, the band will continue to create moving melodies while exploring each members’ technical and instrumental prowess. Their debut song AAG became an instant hit back in 2010 and received prime airtime on television channels across Pakistan.

AAG’s unmistakable sound is credited to their bold experimentation with different genres of music. Despite hiatuses, they continue to rock the stage each time they get up on one. The testimony to this is their recent performance to a full house at Levi’s Live where they enthralled the audience with their mesmerizing music and energetic stage presence.

AAG aspires to continue producing more originals, staying true to the band’s ethos of music that touches the soul, inspires dreams and evokes a sense of purpose.


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