MoU Signed Between Careerz360 and UOL to Assist Human Resource Development

MoU Signed Between Careez360 and UOL to Assist Human Resource Development

The significance of human resource development in a country needs to be acknowledged and celebrated in order for its economy to thrive. Skilled manpower can prove to be a source of hidden potential for a country so its development should be taken seriously. The countries that are resourceful in terms of man power tend to excel more than those who are not. In Pakistan, the progression of human resource pool is more important considering the unstable economy of the country. There are a few silver linings in this regard one of which is a recent event occurred at University of Lahore. A memorandum of understanding was signed between UOL and Careerz360, an online job portal. This activity shows a lot of promise regarding the future of human resource development in Pakistan.

What is the Significance of Human Resource Development?

The progression in human resource department is deemed necessary because:
  • It enables the manpower to improve their efficiency and quality of the work they are doing.
  • The labour force performs the role of chauffeur who puts the natural resources of a country in motion.
  • Workforce is supposed to fill in for the deficiencies and shortcomings of the natural resources.
To wrap our heads around the booming importance of human resource development, we need to take a quick look at some of the strongest economies around the world. For instance, about seventy years ago Japan and Germany, survived the horrors of shattered economy after World War II. They had to build everything from scratch which they did efficiently with the help of their human resources. Manpower was trained according to certain models which promised to provide human investment and employment security in exchange for the dedication and skill establishment of their employees. If we go through the efforts for human resource development in Pakistan, we barely find any. Being an underdeveloped nation we need to hone our labour force more than anyone. Recently some progress has been made to increase the productivity of human work force. Facilitating University of Lahore in their recruitment efforts, Careerz360 signed a memorandum of understanding with them. The memo entails that the online job portal will provide recruitment services to the university and its associated businesses. Careerz360 will also be providing placements to the students and alumni of University of Lahore. Moreover, an understanding was formed that the online job portal cum professional networking base will also assist UOL with IT solutions regarding their recruitment efforts. The career services provided to one of the top universities of Pakistan will help our graduates in finding the right jobs which will ensure the development of their skill set. These kind of activities makes one believe that the future of human resource development in Pakistan is not dark.


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