Preventing Measures for Diabetes: 8 Easy and Productive Home Remedies

Preventing Measures for Diabetes: 8 Easy and Productive Home Remedies

Diabetes is one of the common issues in different parts of world. Medical world calls it “diabetes mellitus”. Diabetes is single term but actually, it’s a group of metabolic diseases. Any diabetic patient feels high blood sugar. This is because the cells do not respond to insulin properly or it weakness the body that it could not make enough insulin. This absence of enough insulin makes you diabetic patient.

  1. Cinnamon (decline): Cinnamon (decline) lowers blood glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity. Even little cinnamon is so effective if you take it daily. The almost ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day can improve one’s insulin sensitivity. It also benefits in controlling weight and reduces the heart disease risks.
  2. Tip: add 1 gram of cinnamon into your daily diet. It will lower blood sugar level in one month.
  3. Phylum husk (Isabgol): Phylum husk (Isabgol) is very good for all the diabetics’ patients. You might have noticed that Isabgol gets swelled when it is dissolved in water. The whole mixture transforms into the gel-like substance. This form of substance works effectively and slows the breakdown and absorption of blood glucose.
  4. Tip: Consume isabgol with water and milk after every meal. Do not have it with curd because it will generate another issue of constipation.
  5. Neem: Neem, bitter leaf is abundantly found in India. These bitter leaves have amazing medical properties. So it is also very useful for all diabetic patients. Neem works greatly in improving insulin receptor sensitivity. Improved blood circulation through dilating the blood vessels is the great advantage of bitter leaves. Along with diabetes it also gives very health benefits.
  6. Tip: for best results, drink juice of tender shoot of neem leaves on empty stomach.
  7. Drumstick Leaves: Drumstick leaves also known as mooring. This plant and its leaves are known best for all diabetes patients. They boost your energy. For diabetics, mooring leaf slows the breakdown and increases satiety. It also lowers the blood pressure.
  8. Tip: take few drumstick leaves and wash them properly. Crush them and extract their juice. Drink 1/4th cup of this juice on empty stomach every morning, and controls the sugar level.


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