Kenya’s resigned coach Thomas Odoyo to offer guidance to next generation players

Thomas Odoyo

MUMBAI: Kenyan coach Thomas Odoyo, who along with captain Rakep Patel, has resigned following team’s recent poor performance will work “externally” to help his team build up.

Speaking exclusively from Nairobi, Thomas Odoyo says, “I have only stepped aside as the interim coach. I am still around to offer guidance to the next generation”.

“I have been with the team for almost two years. It was obviously disappointing to be relegated. So I felt that the right thing to do is to give someone else to bring in a different perspective. I am still around to help in a different capacity”.

“Even though its not the right circumstance but I believe if we look at it positively. This gives us a chance to look at our whole structure and improve it so as to get back to where we ought to be”, Thomas Odoyo signed off.

“Kenya will restore its glory with right people in the right place in future”, believes former umpire Subhash Modi.

Kenya’s past cricketers will re-unite on 14th April where the ex-players will also discuss on the state of the game in the country. Few former cricketers now staying abroad are also invited.

Their former India coach Sandeep Patil may also be invited on the occasion.


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