Role of Pakistan Army in Fata

Pakistan Army

Pakistan army is not only committed to bringing law and order conditions under control but also struggling to bring prosperity in the country. Start of the war on terror and Pakistan’s part in it has given raise to conflict between Pakistan Army and Central Asian Militant Groups. These groups mainly consist of Taliban and others.

Federally Administrated Tribal Area (FATA), being adjacent to Afghanistan, was affected more than any other area. North and South Waziristan became famous for central points of Global Terrorism.

This tribal area resembles newly born moon. The people living in this area have close relations to people living in the border area of Afghanistan. There was free movement across the border which was stopped later on.  The movement of people among this area contributed to movements of terrorism as well. It increased terrorist attacks within the country.

South Asian Portal of Terrorism (SAPT) along with the collaboration of Institute of Conflict Management (IOCM) issued a consolidated report in 2018. According to report, fatalities from 2000 to 2018 were 63,178 including 22,260 civilians and 6955 security officials. Around 33,963 terrorists were killed in this war. In 2018, around 200 people including 69 civilians were killed. The number of causalities is much reduced. In previous years, the death count was far higher i.e. 600. A report issued by Ministry of State and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) mentioned that 5700 people were killed in FATA solely in terrorist attacks during last six years.

Pakistan army is aimed to provide security, fight internal and external threats. Law and order situation in any area is responsible for low development conditions. After 8 years of combat operations against terrorism, law and order conditions brought under control.

Writing more, Pakistan Army is playing a vital role in development of Fata. Every year more development projects are executed by Army. A number of small development projects including reconstruction of roads, water supply schemes, sewerage and other community welfare schemes. Beside these, army officials are visiting schools, colleges and health centers to collect data of teachers and students, doctors, supporting staff and missing facilities. Pak Army’s operated cadet college has been opened in this area. More schools and colleges are supposed to be opened. Army is also providing free medical care to civilians as well as, who suffered from this war.

Sports can act as a tool against violence. It can also act as healthy activity among youngsters. Pakistan Army is also aimed to make people at ease after long fought war. For bringing smiles on the faces of FATA people, Pakistan army took initiative to bring sports in this area. Sport festival entitled FATA Peace Games were held under the supervision of army. The games included in this festival were Badminton, Hockey, Table Tennis, Football, Athletics, Basket Ball, and Tug of war were played. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in collaboration with Pakistan army conducted open trials of aspiring cricketers in North Waziristan Agency. More than 12000 youth were enrolled in training centers of the region. Talent hunt trails of FATA youth were held at Younis Khan Cricket Ground Miranshah. “This is another indicator of peace. Normalcy returning.” said Major General Asif Ghafoor ISPR spokesperson.

Concluding more, tribesmen are not terrorist rather they are victims of convert war. Now the war on terror is about to end. It is time to help our brothers living in FATA. It is need of the hour to bring FATA in main stream. Pakistan Army is not only successful in fight against foreign insurgencies in FATA but also working for the betterment of the community. Those who criticize Pak Army must look into the facts and figures.


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