Chance To Win £1000 Gift Card With Tesco Survey

Tesco Survey

A supermarket is a place that sells not only food but also other household goods. All these goods are offered on the self-service basis. Supermarkets are aimed at serving the people so that they do not have to visit different shops and places for different things. What else could be easier for you to get all things from one single place?

One of the famous and the biggest name in the list of a supermarket is Tesco. Jack Cohen is the great person who originated this small set and converted into famous and the biggest reality in form of Tesco retail store. The first profit of Tesco was made by Jack Cohen when he sells the surplus groceries from a stall £1 from sales of £4 in 1919. Now you can see this name how it is serving the different countries of the world. Tesco always tried best for facilitating the people in the best possible way. To make the further advancements and improvements would not be possible without knowing the reviews of customers.

Tesco Survey mainly aims that it wants to hear from you that how they are serving you.

  • For entering into survey just enter on this website
  • Here you need to enter four-digit code specified on the receipt.
  • Initially choose the option of “Customer Service”, you can also enter your Email address if you want a reply from Tesco through email on your survey.
  • After this, you’ve to provide your overall experience and satisfaction with your last visit.
  • Enter your time when you visit and also choose an option of either it was your first visit or you are the regular customer of Tesco Store.
  • Next, provide the information about your order type.
  • Next, you choose the best possible option for you to check out that you used on your last visit.
  • Rate the professionalism, behavior, and greeting of the overall staff.
  • Next rate the environment of a store including the availability of stock and cleanliness.
  • At last, fill the form with your personal information including your Clubcard Number and get 25 points for Tesco Survey Clubcard as well as a chance to win a MyGiftCardSite of £1,000.


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