The Noise of Information Technology

The Noise of Information Technology

When I started my graduation in 1991 use of computers was not common. I remember for my master s research thesis, I worked for long hours to search the literature posted request cards to authors to send papers. Whereas now for writing a research paper all I need a computer with having good connectivity. This is definitely a great benefit of Information Technology. Whereas social interaction, even if it is on the phone that no one can hear and share it with others, mainly used to be the basis of having developed relations and relationship in olden days and that always involves time and input from both sides and it used to have everlasting impact on life. Usually, people take time to be friend and unfriend anyone and above all privacy used to be respected and maintained among most of the people, other than those who used to be wicked and evil by nature.

The situation has changed too much since we have made advancement in Information Technology. Everyone is looking for new mobile and computer with having improved features and better speed and with having more space to store data, but hardly a few know what they are actually upto, rest all, mainly use mobile and computer for show off purpose to maintain their status and collect data mainly about others hence leave with no space and time to look after their responsibilities and to emotionally nourish their relation and relationship by socially interacting with individuals. High Speed of IT Gadgets has induced impatience and objectiveness in individuals, expect spontaneous answer, decreases the tendency to review the situation with having altered perspective and quickly arrive on a conclusion that s most of the time is wrong.. unfortunately our Youth is the one who is suffering the MOST out of this Situation…..its unprivate everywhere all around. Anyone can record anything and share it anywhere, in certain cases, individuals fabricate the information and forge the pieces of evidence and share it to serve their purpose, the outcome is severe turmoil including the domestic turmoil and affected individual in most of the cases even does not know what they have been accused for and been punished for. In our student life reading others letters was considered to be a condemnable act, rather offence or crime but in this ERA, people over here feel absolutely NO shame in reading others e-mails including the official ones, deleting them by hacking the accounts tapping conversations on phone etc to share and ALL are ABSOLUTELY HELPLESS.

On one hand the field of information technology has had extensive investment that we can see with having had launch of new mobiles computers and other IT devices everyday and on other hand human beings are being dealt as Commodities, having Brand Ownership and no one else can have right to interact without offering a share in the profit whoever dares to breach the basic principle of business would be penalized as the rights owners please.

We all love to talk about Human Rights and Freedom of expression but our level of Mutual Tolerance is such a little, that posting on social media, can make individuals to contact the related people to put influence on concerned individual whereas hardly anyone is fair enough to have the courage to respond directly to concerned individual using the same platform of social media.

In simple words, it is more difficult to socialize these days than it was in olden days when we used to be free of mobile and computers and people these days are comparatively more insecure about their relations and relationship, a trait that is generally associated with mental illness.

In my experience for having a healthy and happy life, it is extremely important to have Mutual Trust and Patience with having reasonable flexibility and respect for others right to exercise absolutely freely. We can never bound anyone to interact with others as it pleases us but what we can do is to give the confidence to respect the privacy and invest to build mutual trust and respect that strengthen relations and relationships and above all ignore all what others say rather use our independent analysis to arrive on a conclusion with having a provision that our opinion can be absolutely proven wrong. People say something as they usually have nothing worth doing and they are doing what they do not want to do e.g. studying to follow their parents dreams, doing a job to fall on society s expectation etc., those who pay an ear to what others say particularly gossips in fact add on their problems.

Human being s personality undergoes the process of evolution and that is lifelong ongoing process. No one can make any absolute claim about anyone as people change over a period of time what remains most effective to create impact in lives is their upbringing and company. Unfortunately our youth is more close to their IT devices than other individuals and these are the ones that play key role in their upbringing other than those parents and siblings who limit the use of IT devices and emphasis on person to person interaction give their Quality time to children and youth and engage them in some creative activity. Otherwise, our youth is on high risk to develop different mental impairments including personality disorders. Our elders spent better and more happier life because they had more patience, flexibility, mutual respect tolerance, respect for privacy and they used to give personal space to other individuals for using their rights absolutely freely and freedom of expression; above all their inferences used to be built on life experiences based on personal interactions independent of IT devices (Virtual Imagination). Food has been another key factor for having had spent more healthier and happier lives of our earlier generation (Our Elders).


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