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If you recently went to El Fenix restaurant, then you might want to share your feedback with the company. Your survey invitation code is present on the receipt and you can get access to the El Fenix Survey online. Company values your opinion and they will take your advice seriously so fill the survey today and let them know.


El Fenix is a chain of restaurants that is very famous for its Mexican cuisine. The name comes from Spanish language which means ‘the phoenix’ that is a legendary bird. The company was founded in the year 1918 and its headquarters are present in Dallas, Texas. There are more than 1200 dishes present on the menu of El Fenix. So, if you are in a mood to eat Mexican food, do give a visit at El Fenix restaurant.



If you want to know the procedure of filling the online survey of El Fenix, then read the steps present below. Surely after reading the steps, you will have no problems or issues at all. Share your feelings and views honestly because they are very helpful for the company’s progress. You should have the following things with you when you take the survey:

  • A device that connects to internet like laptop, smart phone or a tablet.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish language
  • The receipt of El Fenix restaurant from your recent visit.

Once you have these things, follow the steps below

  • Get access to the main page of El Fenix by clicking on the following URL

  • Then mention the restaurant number in the empty space. The restaurant number is present on your receipt.
  • After that, survey questions will be there on the next page. The questions will be related to the restaurant’s environment, food and your overall visit.
  • Rate your survey questions according to your experience at the restaurant.
  • In the en, provide your personal information like name, home address and more. Do not worry as your information will be safe.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and then your response will be noted by the company.

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