Get Free Appetizers By Answering the Z’Tejas Feedback Survey!

You decide to try out a new place because you like some variety in what you eat. You find Z’Tejas and go there because it has good reviews. The first time you go there you enjoy yourself! However, there were small issues you faced. This is exactly why Z’Tejas has their Z’Tejas feedback survey to hear from you! They want to learn from their errors and make your experience flawless. Upon filling out the Z’Tejas feedback survey you will be given rewards! This is to show their appreciation for your feedback. Honestly answering the Z’Tejas feedback survey will not only benefit you but will make everyone happier. Your next visit will definitely be a more enjoyable one!

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Z’Tejas is a restaurant chain located in Arizona and Texas. Z’Tejas pride themselves in making everything from scratch and with fresh ingredients.  They serve Southern food in the heart of the south but with an interesting twist. Their dishes are accessible to all since the food is reasonably priced.


You will receive a Free appetizer with your entrée! A free appetizer just by answering the Z’Tejas feedback survey.


The Z’Tejas quiz will only take a few minutes, to have a smooth experience let us guide you:

  1. To begin your survey, go to
  2. Enter your three-digit store name in the required box and then fill out other information by referring to a recent receipt.
  3. Now you may begin your survey so click on Start
  4. Answer the questions and click on the right facing arrow to continue answering
  5. The last question asks you if you would like to give your number
  6. If you do then click on it and enter your phone number
  7. After that, you will be redirected to a site with your redemption code

The survey is currently closed but come again soon for new offers and prizes in the future!


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