Free Health Insurance for people who need it

Why do you need health insurance?

When it comes to covering the cost when you go for a medical check up or for some some other pressing reason to the hospital, many people do not realize the cost of the medical facilities that they are utilizing. So, when they find out about the amount of money that is going out of their pocket, only then do they realize the importance of having a health insurance. Thankfully, this problem has been largely avoided now due to the compulsion of owning a medical insurance plan for everyone and to make things all the more convenient for the people living in the country, you can also avail the opportunity of getting a Free Health Insurance only if you qualify for care

How do you qualify for a Free Health Insurance?

There are several factors that may aid you to in order for you to get a health insurance that is free and of good use to you and your family. Some of the factors that might effect your chances of getting a Free Health Insurance have been listed below so you are able to make an informed decision yourself. You should comply to the requirements given out by the health insurance companies and make good use of this opportunity rather than to misuse it.

  • Your age
  • Your income
  • The policies may be different according to whether you are living alone or you have a family to take care of
  • If you already have an insurance already or not
  • The kind of insurance that you already have
  • The area and location you are living in

If you qualify for a health insurance that is for free of cost, you can further explore your options by seeking the help of the companies that are able to provide you with such a health care

Your options for a free health insurance

Some of the places you should know about and can go to for more help regarding this issue have been given below.

  • Medicaid: This is a program that will be able to provide you with a free medical insurance or a very low costly insurance according to your needs.
  • CHIP (Insurance for children): The Children’s Health Insurance Program is designed specifically for families who have children so you do not face problems for your child’s healthcare.
  • Marketplace: Since every state has a Marketplace, you can go to yours and check if you are eligible for a tax subsidy on your insurance plan.


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