Affordable Health Care Act for your benefit

What is the Affordable Health Care Act?

The Affordable Health Care Act was passed in the United States of America in the year 2009 and has introduced many changes and new things among the health provision, including insurance, to the people of the United States of America.

What do you get with the Affordable Health Care Act?

This Act has provided the people of this country with many advantages and benefits related to their health issues and concerns. Some of the things that this act has to offer have been listed below so you can be more aware of the rights that are being provided to you under this act.

  • Under this act, the health care expenses have generally been lowered so that more people are able to afford health benefits for themselves and their family.
  • If you are between 100-400% according to the federal poverty level, you will be able to receive an affordable health insurance because of subsidies.
  • The Medicaid program is also expanded so maximum adults are covered who have a low income, although not every state in the US has followed this change right now.
  • An extremely drastic change that has occurred is the fact that health insurers will not able to deny with you healthcare just based in your medical history. This will be able to benefit many people as discrimination should not be made.

Advantages of the Affordable Health Care Act

Every thing in this world has its benefits and disadvantages but this act has many advantages to its name. Along with the provisions of this act given above which can also be considered as its plus points, some more advantages are given below so you can get a better understanding of the act.

  • Health insurance is now also granted to people who are under the age of 26. They can now apply for an insurance with the help of their parents’ health insurance plan.
  • If you still have not received medical coverage from the company you work with, you can apply for health insurance under this act and get a suitable health plan for yourself.
  • The health insurance providers also cannot demand different amounts of money from you based on your gender, background or any other factor that they might consider pertinent.
  • There is also going to be a central health insurance exchange where all the people who have insurance can compare the rates and exchange information.



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