Take Bennigan’s Survey And Use An Exciting Code On Your Next Visit!

Say, you were tired of going to the same old restaurants and you wanted to try something new. You heard about Bennigan’s and you gave it a shot. You went with your friends or family but the experience was not exactly pleasing. You were not happy with the service provided to you and that ruined your night. Now here’s the twist; you can speak your mind and Bennigan’s will hear you out! Take the Bennigan’s survey from www.evaluatebennigans.com and there’s something absolutely mind-blowing in store for you!


Know more about Bennigan’s

Bennigan’s is an American-based pub-themed casual dining restaurant. Founded in Atlanta by Norman Brinker in 1976, the restaurant has its main headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. At Bennigan’s you can find a variety of items on the menu including baby back ribs, chicken tenders, flat iron steak, beer-battered fish and chips, grilled salmon fillet, cottage pie, and Cajun grilled chicken!

Bennigan’s survey reward to make you happy

Get a redemption code after taking the Bennigan’s survey! Yes, that’s right. You get to enjoy the offer printed on your recent receipt the next time you plan to eat at this restaurant!

Bennigan’s survey instructions

The following instructions are going to help you fill out the Bennigan’s survey within 5 minutes. Let’s help you out!


  1. Go to Bennigan’s Survey site by clicking on www.evaluabennigans.com.
  2. As shown in the above picture, you get to select the language you want to take the survey in. You can choose to do so in English, Greek, Spanish, Korean or Arabic.
  3. Enter the store number from your recent receipt.
  4. After that, you will provide the date of your visit and the time of your visit.
  5. Once you clear that section click on Continue.
  6. Now you can begin answering the survey questions.
  7. You will also rate the given statements according to your recent experience.
  8. Submit the survey when you are done and write down the validation code on your recent receipt.


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