Tell Nordstrom About Your Experience Using the Nordstrom Rack Customer Survey

Have you ever thought about how you could impact all of your favorite places to shop? Sometimes, it can seem like there is no place in the world for your opinions about all the items you shop. However, the fact of the matter is that for a lot of businesses it is important to hear about your experiences, to help curate a shopping experience that you and everyone else can enjoy. One business that follows this model is Nordstrom Rack, a retailer that provides you with clothes online and through physical outlets. And to give your opinions to Nordstrom Rack, you can go online and take the Nordstrom Rack Customer Survey at

About Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a fashion retail company that is a subsidiary of Nordstrom. The items at Nordstrom Rack are available to customers online, through their e-commerce website, or through their more than 100 stores and outlets, throughout the United States and Canada.  The first store started out in the year 1973, and the founder of the company was John W. Nordstrom.

Procedure for filling out the Nordstrom Rack Customer Survey

Are you ready to get started on the Nordstrom Rack Customer Survey? All you have to do is take the survey using these steps listed below:

  • Switch on your computer and then use your favorite web browser.
  • Go to the link
  • You will be taken to the first page of the Nordstrom Rack Customer Survey.
  • In the given space, enter your Transaction Code as prompted on-screen.
  • The transaction code you need to provide is printed onto the receipt from your last visit to Nordstrom.
  • Move on to the next page of the survey.
  • Give information about your last visit to Nordstrom over the next few pages. Answer questions about your last visit, what you purchased, the overall behavior of the staff, and your general impression of the place.
  • Submit the survey as prompted.

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