Get a Discount at Logan’s with the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

Food is a basic need, however, good, delicious food is a luxury that everyone should be grateful for. If you’re a regular customer at Logan’s Roadhouse, then you should be even more grateful, particularly because you can avail a discount while eating there. How? Simply fill the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey, which is available at

About Logan’s Roadhouse

A US-based restaurant company founded by Dave Wachtel and Charles McWhorter, in 1991, Logan’s Roadhouse has more than 230 locations throughout the country. It was founded in Lexington, Kentucky, but is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company, owned by the parent organization LRI Holdings, Inc. has locations which it operates itself, while also those that it has given out as franchises. However, one thing everyone can be sure of at all these different locations is the quality of food and service, which is consistently good throughout.

Step by Step Guide for Taking the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

Who doesn’t love a nice discount? And when that discount comes at your favorite restaurant, could there be anything better? Well, you can get both when you fill the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey by following the guidelines given below:

  1. First of all, turn on your laptop, computer, mobile, or whatever else device you use and make sure it has a working internet connection.
  2. After that, head over to your default web browser and visit the following link:
  3. Now, wait until the page has loaded completely.
  4. Once the loading is complete, type in your Serial Number in the space provided in the middle of the page.
  5. The Serial Number will be available on your Logan’s Roadhouse purchase receipt from your most recent visit.
  6. Next, click on the “Start” button so you can begin taking the survey.
  7. Answer all of the questions given within the survey. You may also need to provide some personal or contact information.
  8. When you have answered all of the questions and provided all the information asked for, submit the completed survey to get your discount.

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