How to get in touch with Securitas?

Securitas is a famous service provided to its customers in order to provide security related services in the best possible way.

Securitas is based in Stockholm, Sweden. And you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the company has almost 300,000 working employees in over 53 countries just to make their services better and better.

Since 1934, Securitas have been proving itself to be the most efficient and reliable source of providing security. They not only deal in security guarding but also control mobile patrolling as well as monitoring and all sorts of investigation groups.

With a large number of outlets all over the world, they have divided themselves into three different segments which are “Securitas services North America”, “Securitas services Iber-America” and lastly, “Securitas services Europe”.

Securitas work with a proper schedule but they do not have enough Flex officers which become a little problematic at times when it comes to covering shifts. However with the large number of employees their payroll might be a little different. Large number of employees can lead to poor pay and as far as we have heard about it, poor pay has been a problem.

Apart from that, their customer service is always available to provide their customers in the best possible way and for this reason they have a proper customer service.

So if you are thinking of submitting any sort of complaints or want to figure out any sort of queries you can easily contact them on 1-866-528-6556. This customer care service is available 24/7 online. So if you have any sort of problem, don’t think twice before calling them. They are always available for you.


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