The Top Private Security Companies across the Globe

With the growing unrest in the world, the world is becoming a place that needs to be guarded. Nobody is safe in the world.  The number of thefts, robberies, murders and such heinous crimes is increasing.

During this turbulent, the increase in the crime rate is leading to the arise of the need of security and protection in the world.

Everybody wants to be safe in the world, they want to protect their businesses, their families, their loved ones. The need of protection, turned into business. People started their security companies as the need for these was growing day by day.

There are a lot of security companies in the world, the most and effective companies in the world as of 2019 are listed below;


G4S is a British original security company; they call themselves the leader is security in the world. Their claim can be justifies as they have employed a huge number of people totaling 620,000 around the world and they have a huge role in providing security services to the government as per their need.

Securitas AB

A Securitas service is a Sweden based Security Company, they are one of the largest security companies and have around 300,000 employees. They are known for their special services that they give. Securitas is also operating in America and other countries that total to 54.

Allied Universal

This company started as a security company providing guards to people where they were needed. The two companies Allied Barton and Universal services of America merged together and formed Allied universal. This is now working on a large scale to provide security services to people .They have a total of 55000 employees.

Dyn Corp

Dyt was founded in 1946 and at the start it was an aviation company. They provide services such as flight and aviation security, intelligence services, security training etc to its clients. It has worked itself on the tp and is now considered as one of the premium security companies.


ADT is a US security company; their services include providing the best alarm and security services all around the world. They are very profitable in their workings.


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