What is Payroll?

A payroll is defined as a list of employees working in a company. Payroll is really helpful for people working in renowned companies.

Payroll helps companies to pay their employees on time and keep a detailed record of their employees’ bonuses and salaries.

In other words, a payroll is another department of a company that deals and manages their employees’ salaries.

In several places, Payroll taxes are different than income taxes. However, payroll is considered to be a complicated process because the purpose of payroll is to ensure that each and every employee working in the company is getting paid for his job.

Since the payroll process is just for people working in huge companies, people whose work is home based or freelanced, you won’t be asked to spend extra money over these things. Nothing will be deducted in this case.

But in order to learn what a payroll is and in what ways your pay can be deducted, we have made a list of things that you need to know.

Different benefits

A big company always provides its customers with various benefits related to health and retirement. They offer multiple health insurance plans and retirement plans to their workers.

Sometimes the costs of these are already deducted from your pay even before taxes are in calculated overall.

Your wages

Your gross wage is the total amount that is paid to you without any money deducted from it. Gross wages include all sorts of bonuses as well as other commissions too.

Social security

A company for sure deducts a portion of employees’ pay in order to receive amount for his social security. All sorts of medical related problems and charges are also deducted from a person’s pay, this way he/she gets the chance to avail the health and retirement plans provided.


Since payrolls vary from company to company, there will also be factor of company deducting tax from its employees’ pay.


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