Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers

Cheapest Car Insurance

Whether you want to purchase liability insurance or the full coverage policy, you will probably be looking for the cheapest car insurance. The best way to find a good deal is by looking at different options and then comparing their rates.

A comparison of the rates and deals offered by the largest auto insurance companies has been made below to help the customers find the cheapest car insurance. The rates are applicable for good drivers with no unsettled tickets or previous accidents. The policies include collision, liability and comprehensive coverage.Cheapest Car Insurance


Geico provides the cheapest car insurance that is affordable to all users. The low down payment makes it possible for anyone to get their car insured. The company also offers multi-policy for home and car and up to 25% discount for insuring more than one car.

State Farm

State Farm is the second cheapest car insurance and on average it quotes the customers $2,296 for a year which is $1,000 more than what Geico offers. However, the silver lining is that drivers have the chance to reduce the costs especially if they have a perfect driving record. Other ways they can save up is by availing any of the four discount deals offered for accident-free and responsible driving.

State Farm is the largest car insurance provider since it has the biggest market share amongst the other lenders. They offer a wide range of cheapest car insurance services in all states.Cheapest Car Insurance


Progressive quotes an average annual rate of $2,821 which is only $235 per month. However, the total is $525 higher than State Farm and Geico is still the cheapest car insurance at more than half the annual rate of Progressive.

Progressive might look appealing to the drivers who do not want to complete any paper work or deal with any agents. The borrower can manage the policy on their own online. The borrower can use the website for an online quote option and sign the documents electronically to become eligible for the discount. The auto and home insurance also come together in a bundle and there are policies for multiple cars as well.


Another large insurer Allstate has a high annual quote which is $3,182 for good drivers and only $265 per month. Although it is not the cheapest car insurance the company offers solid financial support and there are hardly any complaints from the existing policyholders. Allstate has a superior rating from A.M and a customer complain ratio of only 0.77 which is much lower than lender median of 1.00.


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