Home Mortgages Interest Deduction and how to go about it

Home Mortgages Interest Deduction

Getting a mortgage

Every person knows that getting a mortgage is an integral part of life nowadays because you need to be really financially well off in order to be able to afford a house of your own. Especially when you are entering a new phase of your life, such as after you are married or you have started a new job somewhere away from your family, you can easily get a mortgage loan and settle in all the more quickly. Hence, it also becomes important that you know more about how to go about Home Mortgages Interest Deduction as the most problematic part of getting a mortgage loan is the interest that you pay monthly.

Home Mortgages Interest Deduction

What to know about Home Mortgages Interest Deduction?

It always pays to have a Home Mortgages Interest Deduction because with this perk, as the name says itself, you can reduce the cost of the interest that you pay on the mortgage on your house. At the moment, the interest deduction is limited to to the interest you pay on your house, the loans that you pay to buy a home, construction loans and home equity lines of credit. Also, the debt must be in your name for you to qualify for the Home Mortgages Interest Deduction because your home is acting as a security for the loan and you must be sure that this is mentioned on your mortgage papers. If you are taxpayer, only then can you get this deduction and then you will also receive a mortgage interest statement at the beginning of the year that will contain all the details of the total interest you paid in the previous year.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Home Mortgages Interest Deduction

Some advantages that you get with this deduction are listed below.

  • With this deduction, it becomes easier for the person to own their own home as it subsidizes home ownership.
  • You can bring down the total cost of your taxes by itemizing your taxes.

Now, we will discuss some of the disadvantages of the deduction.

  • Getting this deduction sounds very appealing but in some cases, it might be favoring the elite class more than it benefits the middle class who are also paying taxes.
  • If a household only consists of people with lower income, the deductions that are made usually exceed the amount with which deducting mortgage interest is possible.

Home Mortgages Interest DeductionKeeping in view all these things, one must make a decision about this wisely.


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