Human Rights Abuse in AJK: Wakeup World, before it’s too late

Human Rights Abuse in AJK

  • Over 100,000 deaths since 1989
  • Hundreds of thousands of rape incidents
  • Countless victims of brutal torture by Indian forces
  • Countless missing persons
  • What else you want Modi, to kill the last man alive in Kashmir?

One of the ongoing issues faced by the residents of Indian occupied Kashmir is human rights abuses, ranging from mass killings of innocent citizens to enforced disappearance(s) of countless youngsters, from physical torture to sexual assault, from rape of Kashmiri women to brutalities (sexual abuses) with even underage girls etc. Not only that, poor Kashmiris are also subject to both political repression and suppression of their right to talk i.e. freedom of speech.

Although the Kashmiris are not new to the situations explained above yet the present Modi Government seems to have not only crossed all the limits afresh but Modi has also CLOSED his ears to non-stop criticism from around the globe. We’ve got to admit that Indian Media has successfully managed to engage the entire world in showing them; what they should not be watching. However, this is, perhaps, what we call Yellow Journalism:

“Presenting little or no legitimate well-researched events, facts and news while instead using eye-catching headlines and fake claims; just to attain increased attention or in other words, to divert others’ attention from the reality.”

Do we really need to mention here what your Army, Border Security Force Personnel and the Central Reserve Police Forces are doing out there under the forced-curfew in almost the entire region? Don’t you think, Modi that the whole world is now fully aware whether how your separatist militant groups are torturing unarmed Kashmiri civilians, injuring them and raping their ‘house-arrested’ helpless women? But how long you could be carrying on with these proven severe human rights abuse activities in Kashmir, don’t you think that one day you will definitely be held accountable for whatever you’re doing today?

India, very cleverly has always been yelling that it’s Pakistan Army that has actually abused human rights in Jammu and Kashmir and accusing them of violating the LoC while the famous scholars from around the globe have a different story to tell. According to several globally renowned scholars and a Human Rights Watch Report of 1993, India has already committed a huge genocide in their occupied land; just to subdue Kashmiris’ revolt? Just to deprive them from their right and desire of freedom?

IHK abuses

The situation in Indian held Kashmir today is far different, far more dangerous rather pathetic than 1993, evident from leaked media reports and stunning, shocking videos coming from the area; where “No One is Allowed” to enter and know the reality. Under the circumstances, the question remains whether when the world will Wake Up and when some action will be taken against the Fascist Modi and his allies? Will there be someone to raise his/her voice ever against sheer brutalities of Modi and in favor of unarmed, innocent and helpless Kashmiris?

Wakeup World, before it’s too late.


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