Emily Ratajkowski sexier than ever: Warms fans hearts by revealing 25 very hot photos!

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski, the 28-year-old model, took over the sexy photos!

Recently, it is alongside her husband that the sublime Emily Ratajkowski appeared on her Instagram account. What to make jealous!

To give a little balm to the heart to her many fans, the sexy model again raised the temperature, as she knows so well, by posting this Saturday on January 18 several very hot photos, through which she unveils her new collection of “Inamorata Woman” underwear.


The least we can say is that this publication, loved 695,000 times has comforted the fans of the beautiful brunette, who hastened to send her their most beautiful compliments: “And now 25 photos in one? Do you want to drive us crazy? Are you looking to destroy humanity?”, “It drives me crazy,” comment the model’s followers.


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