US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders releases campaign poster in Urdu

Bernie Sanders

WASHINGTON: United States presidential candidate and Democratic member of the US Senate, Bernie Sanders, on Wednesday earned lots of praise on social media from users across the world after he released a campaign message in the Urdu language on his official Facebook page.

The message, meant to garner support of the Urdu-speaking community in the US, conveys that the Medicare for All programme, championed by Sanders, covers oral care, issues related to eyesight, as well as a host other problems associated with hearing.

Bernie Sanders releases campaign poster in Urdu

The post earned a lot of reaction from users on the social networking platform and was shared hundreds of times, and liked by more than a thousand users within hours of being posted online. More than two hundred people also commented on the post.

Sanders has made efforts in the past to reach out to the Pakistani community in the US. Back in September, he issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the actions of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and demanding Delhi lift the blockade imposed on the valley.

The speech earned him the ire of the India, which accused Sanders of being overly-influenced by his campaign manager Faiz Shakir, a political advisor from the Democratic party and born in the US to Pakistani parents back in 1979.

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US election season kicked off with caucuses in Iowa earlier this week, as Sanders competed with another presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, for the lead in the caucus. Buttigieg was holding a small lead over Sanders as initial results poured in.

The key figures released by the Iowa Democratic Party are percentages of the all-important delegates that the state sends to the national convention to vote for in the nomination process.


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