Advocate Shahid Tattlah’s body dissolved in acid, discarded in sewage

Mufakhar Adeel

LAHORE: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mufakhar Adeel who is now the prime suspect in the murder of former advocate general Shahid Tattlah remains on the run while his personal servant who aided the assailants in the task has been caught.

The apprehended servant named Irfan has been kept in a separate location and is currently being questioned regarding his role in the harrowing murder.

Another accused in the case, Asad Bhatti is already in police custody and has confessed to the murder and had named SSP Mufakhar as the man he colluded with to perform the heinous task.

Bhatti has continued to reveal details of the day when both he and Mufakhar carried out the murder, according to his latest revelations, Bhatti said that Mufakhar and Tattlah had been indulging in shots of alcohol when Mufakhar added anaesthetic pills to Tattlah’s drink.

After consumption Tattlah started to get drowsy and lose sensation and awareness, at this moment Mufakhar took a nearby pillow and suffocated Tattlah till death, said Bhatti.

The body was then dissolved in highly concentrated acid and transferred into smaller containers. The solutions from all the containers were discarded in the Rohi sewage.

The police have been trying to find the remains of slain advocate Shahid Tattlah since the past two days but to no avail.


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