Upholding proper hygiene is need of the hour

Aapki Sehat Aapkay Haath Mein

ISLAMABAD: Each passing day in times of social distancing, holds the potential of threatening your well-being but certain measures can reduce the probability of you contracting the deadly virus.

Negligence can lead to your health being compromised. Since none of us want that to happen, we at Rose Petal set out with our latest campaign to remind people the significance of hygiene. “Aapki Sehat Aapkay Haath Mein” in its truest essence is an effort to depict specific scenarios that we take lightly during normal times.

We’ve highlighted the importance of drying your hands with a hand towel as wet hands attract 10 times more germs and are much more susceptible to the dangers of contracting germs. Similarly, using a tissue is of grave importance while sneezing or coughing.

Tissues are easily disposable beyond the reach of others and they offer a temporary fix in the absence of water hence making them essential for everyone to carry. Our campaign took upon itself to offer precautions that can help us alleviate all hazards.

It explains how tissues can shield you from risks. People need to recognize the power that they possess and make the most of it during this fight with the ongoing pandemic, safeguarding themselves and loved ones at the same time.

Upholding proper hygiene is the need of the hour and pivotal towards a secure future. Our campaign “Aapki Sehat Aapkay Haath Mein” urges everyone to use our only weapon, our health, against the virus wisely and responsibly.


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