Depilex Group Makes its Salon Specific SOPs Public in an effort to prepare the beauty industry for Work Post-lockdown

Redah Misbah and Masarrat Misbah

LAHORE: As the doctors and scientists work day in day out to develop a cure, the rest of the world has to find a way to survive and bring back normality as much possible. Businesses have to devise methods to offer their goods and services in this environment.

In this regard, Depilex Group, as the beauty industry leader, has taken a significant step by presenting extensive SOPs (standard operating procedures) to conduct business in the current situation. Director Depilex Ms. Redah Misbah, in a video on Instagram, explained how these SOPs will help the whole industry as the complete document is now available for download to anyone on the official Depilex website. 

These SOPs have been developed, keeping into consideration the WHO directives, local policies, and first-hand 40-year service experience of Depilex’s staff and management. It caters to the safety and well-being of not just the clients but also of the employees. The nature of Covid-19 is such that everyone is in this together. The aim is to create a safe environment where all the stakeholders involved feel that no unnecessary risks are being taken.  

Hence, it is the duty of all involved, especially business owners, to educate themselves along with their staff about these procedures and also implement to the t. As an industry, from giant leaders to sole proprietors, everyone has to rise up to this challenge to safeguard the interests of hundreds of thousands of people. By doing so, government officials are likely to feel less burdened, and when the time is right, they will allow salons to open up once again.  When that time comes, those who are well prepared will have a substantial advantage. The trust of the customer has to be earned back again. Following Depilex’s guidelines will hold your company in good stead. 


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